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Today’s teaser is…*drumrolls*   Leave a comment

It’s no other than Fishy Donghae!!!!!

So, yesterday’s first teaser pic was Eunhyuk…and today, it’s Donghae.

Obviously, SM loves their EunHae haha! He’s going for a more creative and colorful look with this picture. A far cry from his previous Bonamana “dark and grunge” look. I must say, I’m loving the look! I never knew this much color would suit him!

I’m soooooooooooo excited for the next teaser pic! Who would it be? We’ll find out tomorrow!!!


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OMG, the teasing starts TODAY :))   Leave a comment

After how many months of wondering,agonizing and anticipating…FINALLY!!! Suju already released the first teaser pic today!!! LOOKIE!!

Hyukjae's teaser pic

Rockin’ the bleach blonde hair and looking ultra hot in red! You know what they say, if someone’s wearing too much on the outside, expect nothing on the inside hahahahahaha please excuse my pervy fan girl side haha!

This just get’s me super duper pumped! I want to see the pics of the other boys too!!! So let’s all keep waiting! I’m very much sure that Suju will not dissapoint E.L.F. 🙂

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Good news makes me :)   Leave a comment

Okay, seriously?! It’s so effin’ hot! Isn’t it supposed to be the rainy season here in the Phillipines?! And according to PAG ASA, there’s a typhoon…where?! I feel like a menopausal woman with hot flashes hahaha!!!

Despite of the heat, I can say that I’ve had a good weekend. Good news from some of my friends made me happy. And just the fact that I have such awesome friends makes me very thankful. This morning, a friend of mine who’s currently pregnant (she’s 19 years old) texted me. She said that everything regarding her family was fine. She and her boyfriend had already told her parents and now, everything’s okay..WOOH, finally after how many months of agonizing and helping them, they finally had the courage to tell here parents. The worst is over. All she has to worry about is keeping herself happy and healthy! OMG , I’m so excited for her baby hahaha I’m a self appointed “Ninang” HAHAHA!

Good news like that about my friends really make me smile. I’m thankful that my friends are okay.

And now, I’ll continue walking and I’ll make sure that I don’t get left behind. Someone’s making sure of that too 🙂

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