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my first ever wordpress post :)) Yay hahaha and it’s a rant hahaha! i think I’ve spent half of my life ranting about the most nonsensical things in life…but what i’m about to post isn’t as worthless as my previous rants.

It’s one thing when people say mean things about you, but when a friend, a friend whom you’ve opened up to and trusted so much says those things, it’s like being stabbed mercilessly. Just thinking about it now makes me wanna cry. My heart broke into a million little pieces. Every time i remember it, i just start crying and crying until i cry myself to sleep. Seriously, when a friend lies to you, it’s the hardest thing to take!  I just don’t know anymore, I’m just so hurt…


Posted July 15, 2011 by ecinnad86 in Rants

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